Digital Forest Academy – an initiative to advance the digitalisation of Swedish forestry

Through the Digital Forest Academy, Mistra Digital Forest has designed five courses aimed at companies in the forest industry. Topics include Digital innovation, Digital transformation, Digital entrepreneurship, Business analysis and AI for companies.


All courses are conducted on demand and tailored to the organisation’s unique needs. The purpose of the training is to enable forestry companies to benefit from digitalisation in their daily operations.

We asked Erik Willén, who is working with the initiative, what are the biggest challenges for organisations in the forest industry aiming to take the next step in their digitalisation process?

– Digitalisation opens the opportunity for new ways of working and to involve new competencies. It may lead to new business opportunities and additional value chains. It is however a process that requires time and resources that might be hard to allocate.

Could you give examples of what companies learn from these courses, what could be some key takeaways?

– One important finding is how different a management team thinks about digitalisation and new opportunities. If not digitalisation in your company is set by the management, how should the rest of the organisation behave?

Do you have any questions? Contact Erik Willén or Jonny Holmström.