Study visit and networking at physical event in Uppsala

The Nordic Testbed Network organised a full day event for the network participants November 14th. The hosts at Troëdsson Forestry Teleoperation Lab and Testbed for Digitalized Agriculture presented their work.


The members of the Nordic Testbed Network met in Uppsala (Sweden) on November 14th. Members were invited to participate in two study visits hosted by Troëdsson Forestry Teleoperation Lab and Testbed for Digitalized Agriculture. Hosts presented their work with automation, remote-controlled machinery and digitalisation in agriculture and forestry.

A guest presentation was provided by Sean Barrett from ITG studio. Sean presented ITG’s project Kelpwood & Bioplastic from Nordic Ocean Biomass, supported by Nordic Innovation. Parts of the project are focused on exploring and demonstrating how the construction industry and construction material can be more sustainable.

The Nordic Testbed Network members are more numerous every year, the event therefore included members’ presentations. Inspired by the study visits and Sean’s presentation, an open conversation on cross sectorial collaboration took place. Conversation held during the event and members’ feedback fed into NTN’s 2024 activity plan.