Alovivum – Horticulture for the future

Alovivum is part of a global trend to provide indoor cultivation of crops, using vacant spaces in real estate for horticultural farming in urban and rural areas. By combining innovative technology with social engagement, the company aims to contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.


Green plants close up. Photo.Alovivum develops an innovative platform for cultivation of crops. The platform provides advanced control of supply and usage of water, nutrients, CO2, light and energy, for highly effective, productive and sustainable farming. Furthermore, the platform is flexible and scalable for different indoor and horticultural applications, suitable in vacant spaces in real estate in urban and rural areas.

This innovation for future horticulture has been developed and verified in different testbeds and pilots, including a) urban farming in food marketplaces (Vinnova: Oxhallen, Helsingborg), b) urban farming in residential buildings (SNV: MKB Greenhouse, Malmö) and c) rural farming in empty farm buildings (Swedish Board of Agriculture: Old dairy, Genarp, Lund).

Alovivum addresses several challenges of a modern society and different goals for sustainable development (SDGs), i.e. sustainable supply of food, including:

  • reduction of water consumption (by efficiency and recycling),
  • recovery of nutrients (macro- and micronutrients from different sources),
  • decrease in carbon footprint,
  • provision of poison-free, high quality crops,
  • reduction of food waste,
  • reduction in transportation and
  • usage of renewable energy.

In the testbed in Genarp they will be able to demonstrate how they solve these challenges and how they are able to quantify the fulfillment of different SDGs.


Contact person:
Henrik Hedlund

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