There is a significant demand for a high-qualified personnel and knowledge in modern aquaculture. To develop an innovative aquaculture sector and move the focus into the South Baltic region, new competencies and knowledge are crucial. This is where the focus of AquaVIP lies.


Photo: AquaVIP

AquaVIP, a three-year project, is led by Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, accompanied by University of Rostock, University of Gdańsk and Klaipeda University. The AquaVIP experiments will be focused on innovative solutions with the potential to be implemented into aquaculture business in the South Baltic area.

Andrius Sutnikas, AquaVIP Coordinator: “We believe that innovative aquaculture will bring benefits to businesses in our region and society in general – as it provides healthy, secure and regionally produced high quality food. The use of innovative environmentally friendly production technologies will also open new, international markets, providing new jobs and blue-green growth in the South Baltic area.”

Photo: AquaVIP

The experiments will be carried out in the area of recirculating aquaculture systems, shrimps cultivation, artificial feed chains, aquaponics, and geothermal technology. The experiment list include for example:

  • Establishment of artificial feed chains for the culture of sensitive fish larvae
  • Whiteleg shrimp RAS technology optimisation
  • New “shrimp tower“ RAS concept
  • Application of brackish salinity in freshwater fish RAS cultivation
  • Aquaponic experiment with Litopenaeus vannamei and microalgae

Moreover, within AquaVIP, training, networking and cooperation will be undertaken as part of different work packages:

AquaYouth career development offer is a service for students, of aquaculture and related fields, future employees willing to make a career in the aquaculture market, and micro, SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs willing to improve their skills.

AquaProfi is a service offer for aquaculture self-employed entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, SMEs representatives, both employers and employees: fish farmers, crustacean farmers, aquaponics entrepreneurs, as well as farmers associations, NGOs, and authorities interested in improving their skills and sustainable aquaculture development.

AquaTION is an e-learning platform, which will be developed on the basis of state-of the art knowledge, experience form previous aquaculture projects, and experimental and training activities of the AquaVIP project, all together to boost aquaculture labour market.


Contact person
Andrius Sutnikas

Barbara Dmochowska