Troëdsson Forestry Teleoperation Lab

In the transport and industry sectors, the development of autonomous machines has already come a long way. Now, Troëdsson Forestry Teleoperation Lab addresses the key conditions for enabling autonomous forest machines, which should improve the working environment of today’s forest machine operators and increase the sustainability in forestry. 

Femal at computer in foreground, machines cutting down trees in background. Illustration.
Illustration: Gösta Lindvall


Skogforsk’s Teleoperation lab aims to contribute to forestry with knowledge about the possibilities for remote control and automation with the latest technology. The lab investigates distances over which remote control over 5G, 4G and WI-FI is possible. The distances are tested both from the forest site or from the office inside the city.

The testbed gathers partners such as Fujitsu, Ericsson, Telenor and VoySys. Various projects are currently developed (pages in Swedish):

Autoplant KIT svenska – YouTube

Fjärrstyrda skogsmaskiner tar nytt kliv med 5G-teknik | Skogforsk (


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House and tractor in background, arrows pointing at different network components. Illustration.
Illustration: SkogForsk