Network benefits – why joining?

Network members get:

  • Easy access to Nordic testbeds in the intersection between digitalisation and bioeconomy
  • Contact with stakeholders engaged in developing the Nordic digital bioeconomy
  • Updates on relevant initiatives inside and outside of the Nordic region
  • Invitation to network activities such as study visits and webinars

Joining the network is free of any charge. 

Network members – who can join?

The Nordic Testbed Network is open to anyone willing and able to contribute to the vision of the network. The core of the network is composed by testbeds engaged in digitalising the Nordic bioeconomy. The network is specifically targeted towards:

  • Testbeds where academia, businesses and public organizations can interact
  • Testbeds devoted to research, development and commercialization of products and services
  • Testbeds encompassing both forestry and agriculture

Would you like to be part of the network?

Don’t hesitate to contact Maria Tunberg with any questions you might have: