Workshop: organizing a testbed

On November 18 (2021) the Nordic Testbed Network arranged a virtual meeting to help dig into some exciting topics. View the full seminar, or choose parts from the agenda further down.



About Nordic Testbed Network Maria Tunberg

• Some words from Jonas Rönnberg, SNS

Network members

Helge Paulsen, project coordinator, Nordic Council of Ministers, Senior Advisory Scientist, Technical University of Denmark

• Welcoming our new testbed members:

Blaize Denfeld (SITES)

Andrius Sutnikas (AquaVIP)

Jens Petter Wold (DigiFoods)

Anta Sparinska (Latvian i-Garden)

Anda Ikauniece (LIAE)

Keynote lecture: An inspiring example – Nordic Proof, Siri Stabel Olsen, Advisor Norway Health Tech and coordinator of Nordic Proof

Panel discussion: Organising a testbed, Thordur Reynisson, Senior Adviser and Head of Program Nordic Innovation, Jonas Engström, researcher RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and coordinator of the testbed for digitalised agriculture, Carmen Galindo Rodriguez, project manager EIT Food

• Per Hansson, NKJ, conclusion

Interactive session: all participants are invited to discuss and mingle


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