In the digital transformation of the bioeconomy, autonomous vehicles managing the Nordic climate could be seen to constitute an essential part. At OuluZone+, such autonomous machines can be tested in a real-world setting. The location of the testbed in Oulu, Finland, is ideally located for testing in arctic conditions.


Four people in protection gear looking at a measuring instrument. Photo.
Photo: Ouluzone+

The key idea of OuluZone+ is to combine high-class infrastructure with world-class research activities. It offers different tracks for technology research, testing and education activities.

The University of Oulu utilises the centre for research and education of Open Infra Building Information Modelling (BIM) as the basis for automation and robotics in construction of new infrastructures. The test centre further offers the possibility to perform highly multidisciplinary testing, such as forestry machine and agriculture machine testing. Currently, the centre is being equipped to allow testing of automated cars.

“For our future research and education plans, the OuluZone+ together with strong and open cooperation with the key industry evolved as well as Business Oulu offer very promising and potential possibilities to continue developments to the highest level in this research domain.” says Rauno Heikkilä, researcher at OuluZone+.

Key partners involve the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, offering a wide range of technology research services connected to OuluZone+. Moreover, yearly workshops have been organized at OuluZone+, including researchers, students and technology companies.


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