Co-creating solutions for the digital bioeconomy

The network members aim to co-create solutions supporting the digital transformation in the Nordic bioeconomy. By doing so, the network will increase the general awareness of the role of testbeds and digitalisation in the development of the Nordic bioeconomy and also facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Testbed Network is managed by Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and Nordic Agri Research (NKJ) and is aligned with initiatives such as the North Digital Declaration and the Nordic Bioeconomy Program.

About the network

Nordic Testbed Network
– supporting digital transformation in the Nordic bioeconomy

Digitalisation plays a vital role in the rapid development of the Nordic bioeconomy. Access to cutting edge platforms for development, so-called testbeds, where new digital knowledge and technology can be developed is fundamental. To meet this need, and to support the digital transformation of the Nordic bioeconomy, the Nordic Testbed Network was initiated.