Co-creating solutions for the digital bioeconomy

Earth seen from space. Illustration.The network members aim to co-create solutions supporting the digital transformation in the Nordic bioeconomy. By doing so, the network will increase the general awareness of the role of testbeds and digitalisation in the development of the Nordic bioeconomy and also facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Testbed Network is managed by Nordic Forest Research (SNS), Nordic Agri Research (NKJ) and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ working group on fisheries, and is aligned with initiatives such as the North Digital Declaration and the Nordic Bioeconomy Program.

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Join us in welcoming two new testbeds to the network!

We are happy to introduce you to the Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE) and SITES, the Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science, as new members in Nordic Testbed Network.     The Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE) located in Riga, is a public research institute, an agency of Daugavpils University, making use of digital …

Digital Forest Academy – an initiative to advance the digitalisation of Swedish forestry

Through the Digital Forest Academy, Mistra Digital Forest has designed five courses aimed at companies in the forest industry. Topics include Digital innovation, Digital transformation, Digital entrepreneurship, Business analysis and AI for companies.   All courses are conducted on demand and tailored to the organisation’s unique needs. The purpose of the training is to enable …

Join the virtual meeting on data access, reliability and security

How to approach issues related to data access, reliability and security? One way to approach this is by putting the questions into a context, making them more concrete. Another is to learn from what others have done, looking at initiatives carried out for example at European level. In this online meeting you will have the …

About the network

Nordic Testbed Network
– supporting digital transformation in the Nordic bioeconomy

Nordic Testbed Network. Logotype.Digitalisation plays a vital role in the rapid development of the Nordic bioeconomy. Access to cutting edge platforms for development, so-called testbeds, where new digital knowledge and technology can be developed is fundamental. To meet this need, and to support the digital transformation of the Nordic bioeconomy, the Nordic Testbed Network was initiated.