AU Centre for Smart Farming

Smart farming includes principles of precision farming combined with overall system optimisation. By making use of a range of technologies, smart farming allows for increased quantity and quality of agricultural products, which in turn contribute to improved income of farmers, as well as enhanced sustainability in the sector.

Cropfield with two tractors seen from above. Photo.The aim of the AU Centre for Smart Farming is to increase farm productivity within areas such as crop production and through the use of intelligent machines, big data analysis and IoT type of connectivity. Moreover, systematic optimisation of the entire annual crop production cycle on farm level and in the supply chain is done through Cyber-Physical Systems and concepts such as System of Systems.

The role of the centre is to foster the adoption of smart devices, connectivity and data analytics through research and education. Examples of topics addressed include defining sustainable business models and ensuring that costs of smart solutions are properly distributed in the value chain. The centre further works to account for the needs of both large and small farmers and to demonstrate feasibility and the benefits of pilot solutions in both contexts.

Addressing the question what is the most pressing issue going forward, Claus Aage Grøn Sørensen describes that “the key challenge in Smart Farming involves valuing the large amount of data acquired in digital farming as means to increase adoption”.

The AU Centre for Smart Farming is part of Aarhus University, Denmark, and has a number of competences and facilities available in the area of smart farming. To exemplify, this includes an automation and mechatronic laboratory, livestock and field experimental facilities and wireless sensor network systems for field monitoring.

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