The Biobord platform connects bioeconomy developers

Biobord is a transnational bioeconomy network that combines different types of bioeconomy actors, to a joint digital platform.


Illustration: Biobord platform

These actors includes researchers, academy representers, business actors, local policy makers, and students. We got to chance to meet Riikka Kumpulainen, linked to Biobord, and ask her a few questions about the platform.

How did it all start? Please tell us about the story of the Biobord platform.

– The story of the Biobord platform and network started in 2017 by a project called RDI2CluB, co-financed by the European development funding programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region. The project aimed to solve a need regarding the lack of innovation capacity in the rural Baltic Sea region. A network operating model in the transnational context, combined with digital operating practices were seen as a solution. Twelve partners of the project, formed, tested and launched a digital meeting place for the rural BSR bioeconomy actors – called Biobord.

What results have you accomplished as part of the projects linked to Biobord?

– Perhaps the most important result of the RDI2CluB was the formulated network, based on the consortium of the project. At the end of the project, the consortium wanted to safeguard the operation of the network by creating joint operating practices and a network agreement model. The development work of the platform and network continued in an extension stage project called ConnectedByBiobord, also co-financed by the European development fund programme Interreg Baltic Sea Region. The extension stage project brought new partners to the network and delivered joint agendas for the network. These joint agendas describe the thematic focus areas, and guide the operations of the network. Joint agendas are: sustainable food production, digital forestry and use of new technologies in the monitoring of wild animals.

How is the Biobord platform used today? What benefits does it offer?

– Currently the Biobord network is consisting of 13 members:

  • JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Regional Council of Central Finland
  • Paper Province, Sweden
  • Krinova Incubator and Science Park, Sweden
  • Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
  • Tretorget, Norway
  • Świętokrzyskie marshal office, Poland
  • PRO Civis, Poland
  • Regional Science and Technology Park, Poland
  • Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia
  • Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvia
  • SEI Tallin, Estonia
  • Pärnumaa Development Centre, Estonia

The extension stage of the project ended in summer 2021, and now, Biobord is operating through bi-annual meetings and through the joint agendas. The essence of the platform and the network is to work together and create a more sustainable Baltic Sea region! Essentially, Biobord is a discussion forum for topics related to bioeconomy. Registering is free and anyone can take part of the open discussions.

Want to learn more? Watch the Biobord introduction video, or contact the network secretary: Riikka Kumpulainen +358 505759454 |