Virtual meeting on Digital Twins: use cases, opportunities, challenges

Virtual meeting June 9 2022 at 10.00-12.00 to learn and share about digital twins.


The topic Digital Twins has been highlighted as interesting by several of the  network’s members, spanning areas such as data gathering, data uniformisation, testing, and more. Digital Twins are complex computer models fed with continuous flow of observations from the physical world. They allow a better understanding of past situations, monitor present situations, as well as predict future challenges.

At this virtual meeting you will get the chance to learn from others, as well as sharing your experiences on this topic.

▪ Welcoming our new testbed members, DIGIRAS, SINTEF ACE, AORO, Smart Bioeconomy Testbed

▪ Inspiring examples:
Thomas Geenen, Technology Partnership Lead for Destination Earth
Richard Tiffin, Chief Scientific Officer at Agrimetrics

▪ Panel discussion: Digital Twins, Data, and Modelling, Intelligent organic farming testbed
Liisa Pesonen (Luke)
Maria Nordström (Skogforsk)
Martin Holmberg (RISE)

▪ Workshop: What is needed to support testbed development? Based on the interviews with all existing network members, we will discuss what messages we want to send to policymakers. This will feed into a policy brief being sent to the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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